Thursday, December 13, 2001

Hahahaha....i'm bak.....can't sleep.....the following is what i was thinking of doin 2 and a half hours ago, and this is what i did 2 and a half hours ago:

FN: love is actually a bitch, u get used to it and take it for granted and when u lose it u feel like dying

JHL: well loving someone is just asking for pain
JHL: it causes friendships to break up
JHL: and i think very few ppl know real love. love gets mixed up with lust
JHL: its so hard to trust ppl
JHL: ppl say u havent lived if u havent loved but i think its bull.
JHL: well say a person has high expectations for a girlf/boyf, but they end up just getting with someone who doesnt match their ideal, coz they cant find their ideal, then how can that person truly love the other

???: Love is a desperation only defeated by its poisonous aftertaste

EC: self induced hypnotise yourself into thinking you love someone..... and it gets stronger as time goes by because you are deeper hypnotised

Jan: love is good, but you must look after it .. NEVER take it for granted .. and respond to it ..
Jan: nurture it and take good care of it
Jan: i believe all love can work out
Jan: you just have to "tune" urself into what anther person wants
Jan: but that's rare these days
Jan: love makes u blind

liQuidTM: kaka..i seriously don't know wut love is.....i used to think it was bullshit..i thought it didn't exist.....but now.. i dunno....kakakkak...i think it might exist...but..i dunno..i hope it does...KEEEEEEEEEEYO
liQuidroomrvr: ........
Airik: .....

Jalen9396: it's when you deeply care about someone, you want what's best for them, even if it hurts you so much. youre willing to do anything for them. you like to be in this person's company more than anyone.
Jalen9396: i feel true true love is pretty rare nowadays
Jalen9396: people offen confuse true love with lust
Jalen9396: people are selfish
Jalen9396: they love to BE loved
Jalen9396: for example, God
Jalen9396: i find lotsa ppl love God because they feel he can do things for them
Jalen9396: most people would not believe in him if he didnt do things for them
Jalen9396: or they would doubt him
Jalen9396: like, when u love someone, it's cuz they make you happy

MelKok(02:51 AM) : i don't like luv .. 'coz u tend to lose control of yourself .. and i don't like the feeling of being manipulated by someone or sth ..

liQuid T: love = BS , feeling = sucks
liQuid trOn: Love is desire. Desire of ownership. As much as most people like to say they share their life with their partner. The evil within all human is too great. Most of the time it ends up in a zone where one partner is in a higher ground than the other. And as most human dislike not being in control. Results into conflicts and work-arounds. Love is a just a pretty word to describe a bullshit thought. The thought of taking care of one another, are more than often broken at crises situations. Most of the people in this world is still going to protect themselves from harm. Not that I am saying there is no true love in this world, but finding a true love is often too hard. It is not in one's control, but in fate to meet this one person.

CYu: it's when a person lusts for another i guess....when u have it it doesn't matter wut, u feel good.....but when u lose it u get fucked up the ass

Haha...ok finally, ma turn....

Airik: love is like drugs....its bad for you.....when you're feels fukin feel the so called 'love' in this see things differently...and you become (in ways) blind to the reality...
its addictive too...and knowing that it fucks you up, you still do can hallucinate, you can have bad trips...and still, you can come back for it pushing the past all aside can make you go can bring you to your new extremes...
when the happiness is over..(you know when it will know what i mean if you've been there) leaves nothing but depression, misery, anger, gloom, more hallucinations...and hope (in other words, more drugs)...
the only way to not let those drugs get into you, is control...but is love what it really is anymore when it is controlled?!?!!

FUCK.....thats 3 hours wasted.....gotta wake up @9:30am for review session....nite all.....

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