Friday, October 22, 2004

It ends with thunder. It ends with an epic beatdown to put the sledgehammer to an epic comeback/collapse.

It ends with a half-empty, fully depressed Yankee Stadium, with an infield celebration and the gleeful chant of "let's go Red Sox" echoing out past the Babe Ruth plaque in center field and deep into the cold New York night.

It ends Boston Red Sox 10, New York Yankees 3, giving Boston the American League pennant and the honor of becoming the first team in baseball history to win a series after it trailed 3-0.

It ends with Manhattan as Mudville, with the nail somehow getting the best of the hammer, with a champagne and Bud Light shower in a visitors' locker room used to Red Sox tears.

It ends with Boston finally, at last, unseating the Evil Empire.

"All empires fall sooner or later," Boston team president Larry Lucchino said. "This was a great night for the Red Sox Nation."

Actually, it was the greatest night for the Red Sox Nation.

by Dan Wetzel, Yahoo Sports


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