Saturday, October 18, 2003

~~~ Travis - Hit me baby one more time (acoustic live cover) ~~~ LoL..what else should i say?..its only mediocre tho...dunt expect it to blow you away..

Brain drained. Another weekend of guilt and depression. Argh, wasn't I stressing about the same issues last week?...crazyness...

I got on my turntables just now. I know I don't spend even a quart of the time I do on them compared to the guitar, but I truly love those decks. Its the analog sound that I love. On top of that, its the rhytmic manipulation of that sound which makes it truly amazing. Maybe I should spend some time off practicing how to spin? Yep, instead of goto work at 830am.

There are a couple things on my first of paychecks list to buy. I want to get a nylon guitar, 12-string guitar and drum machine. I'm sure this list will expand soon into a fender bass, amplifiers, les pauls, etc.... But yea, I want a nylon guitar for its clumsy mellow tone. And of course a 12 string guitar for its glittery mesmerizing sound. Haha, enough music talk.

12pm tired.


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