Friday, May 02, 2008

GTA IV Review

I figure I'll talk about something more typical like GTA IV today.

I got the 360 earlier this week and probably checked in 15+ hours so far. It doesn't occur to me, but that's pretty incredible considering I don't normally sit in front of any one game for that long in such short period of time anymore. There is something about the game which makes me want to continue to play it, namely, the story and its characters. I must admit beyond all the extra kinks of the game (such as the cellphone, web, dating, indoors, weather system, Kanye tracks), the one thing which really kept me going on were the characters of the game. As a game designer, what makes me want to put down the control the most is usually repetitive gameplay (or in other words knowing what I will be doing and what will happen for the rest game). GTA IV has done a great job of pushing this aspect of the game none existent in the previous series.

My expectations weren't very high to start off, so I would conclude the game beat it. Driving around New York is just awesome, you don't get to muck around Manhattan until further into the game, but for anybody who has spent some time living there, it's really cool.

I look forward to GTA XIII and how it will corrupt our future generations.

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