Friday, August 29, 2008

What if I had 100 Million

For a long time while I was in college, I asked what I'd do with the money I make later in life. I didn't really have an answer other than to buy a dope house. Lately, I figured what that would be.

I will invest in a record label, game studio, and high-end fashion label/brand.
Specifically, the bands will promote my clothing label and the music game will be based on the bands and their music. I love synergy, collaborations, and building legos.

Tell me if I'm wrong but I seriously believe in a tipping point in one's career where things become easier and easier based on your resources and/or skills you accumulate. It's kind of like a huge poker game except that there is no such thing as buy-in and most players start off at the table scrapping for as many chips as possible to create their playground.


michael said...

If i had 100 million dollars, i wouldn't be starting companies or labels or other shit that sounds like work, i'd just be a lazy world-traveling rich guy, with really nice toys.

Erik said...

Yes...but the best toys are things like video game studios, basketball teams, record labels, etc...

I mean you can still have all those toys while you travel around the world.