Wednesday, July 13, 2005

An excerpt I came across in Han Fei Tzu's writings..
The Way is the beginning of all beings and the measure of right and wrong. Therefore the enlightened ruler holds fast to the beginning in order to understand the wellspring of all brings, and minds the measure in order to know the source of good and bad. He waits, empty and still, letting names define themselves and affairs reach their own settlement. Being empty, he can comprehend the true aspect of fullness being still, he can correct the mover. Those whose duty it is to speak will come forward to name themselves; those whose duty it is to act will produce results. When names and results match, the ruler need do nothing more and the true aspect of all things will be revealed.

I've been playing a lot of basketball these days. Averaging ~3 times a week, which is pretty good compared to zilch times a year ago from now. Its been pretty chill; a way to release all the stress I accumulate at work. I'm also finally losing my rust and getting both my game and my body back ^^;
Three months ago, when I was still taking classes during the spring, I told myself I had to get back into the routine of doing sports. I'm finally here. As long as I don't get injured (which happens ALL the time), I'm going to keep up this healthy routine. I think it'll be good for me in many different ways.

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Anonymous said...

stop trying to be like me

"oh yea i play a lot of bball these days... ~3 times a week"

Suck it