Thursday, September 18, 2008


So the 2nd wave of financial meltdown has finally arrived upon us this week. I don't mean to hate on any specific individual, but I'm secretly glad this has happened. I just simply don't agree with finance and their culture of 'see who can come up with the biggest scam' to afford their big yachts, nice fancy dinners, and ridiculous egos. Honestly, some of them don't deserve it. I'm not saying finance is bullshit, I'm just saying half of it is.

Job security is for those who don't realize that there is no such thing out there anymore. The fact is businesses all have a bottomline, and history has repeatedly told us that these bottomline's are measured in bills and not the people that make up these companies. You never know when you may be cut for reasons beyond your control.

Business school applications entering 2009 are going to sky rocket this year. I guess I got lucky on this one, I would rather not be part of that rat race.

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hkbomber said...

so you are one of those people who laugh at people jumping off buildings eh?