Sunday, September 21, 2008

my MGS4 review

I'm going to do another gamer review post today. I actually finished it a month ago, but I feel like I owe this one because it’s Metal Gear Solid 4...

Best Metal Gear of the entire series (so far)? I sure think so. Back when I started this blog in the December of 2001, I rated MGS2 a 9.8. And if I were to stick to that scale, MGS4 belongs at 11.

MGS4 is emotional, gripping, satisfying, and a gaming experience never been quite as polished as before. It does the impossible of tying up the convoluted story of the entire series into something more digest-able while still bringing new elements into the plot to provide something new and refreshing. MGS4 is the series at its extreme, it is everything that was introduced in the previous titles and it all somehow works and makes sense.

If Kojima were to end the series with this bang, then the title has lived up to all its hype and expectations. And that’s no small feat giving it is practically the first major ‘must-have title’ on the Playstation3. It seems like most reviewers have also come to similar conclusions about this title. MGS4 is a work of art for its time.

I wonder what Konami has up its sleeve as far as recouping development (and PS3 exclusivity) costs for this title. For one thing they've definitely developed some major technology and processes along the way. I would expect them to make pretty good use of that in their up-coming titles.

Kojima Productions' stealth action shooter moved three million units since its June 12 debut, propelling Konami's PlayStation 3 business to 57.3% of its total sales in the quarter ending June 30.

Three million units is pretty good. I would suspect MGS4 sales to stick through until the end of this year. I tried to do a search on their upcoming titles without much luck, they don't have any big titles announced other than Silent Hill and Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven). This makes me convinved that they are working on a few secret titles that have yet to be announced.

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