Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baseball, an asian sport?

Japan won again at the 2nd World Baseball Classic Series yesterday.

In my opinion, Japan and Korea are the top teams of the world (ahead of Cuba and the United States). Contrary to popular belief, baseball is not a game of power (batting). I think this is pretty clear based on the results of these two Asian teams. Baseball is a game of agility, finesse, and consistency. It's not necessary to hit home runs to win, and neither is it necessary to hit with full strength every time through. The strategy is to bat accordingly to the situation.

Considering Baseball was introduced to the world by the Americans. I don't think they're too happy with this.


Anonymous said...

Erik, how do you recognize yourself? Asian? Canadian? chinese? or you don't care it at all?

ErikC said...

Probably all of the above.