Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's a matter of time...

Korean professional gamer Jae Ho "Moon" Jang has signed a three-year, $486,500 contract to play with WeMade FOX in the Korean gaming leagues. His manager is working on introducing more quality players as there "aren't many first-class players in Korea." Um, if you're, like, really good at Warcraft/StarCraft ... now's the time to start learning Korean.

Best part: Jang isn't even the highest paid professional Korean player, just the highest paid Warcraft player. Top billing goes to his WeMade FOX teammate, Yoon Yeoi "NaDa" Lee, who signed a contract for $521,250 to play StarCraft back in 2007. Wow.

via Joystiq


michael said...

Is that $486,500 US dollars, or $486,500 Korean money, which would be like 300 bucks? 'Cause if that is US money, I'm moving to Korea!

ErikC said...

US dollars!

Haha. I suspect it's somewhat competitive seeing you can major in 'playing video games' at university.