Thursday, May 14, 2009


I think people often misunderstand me. I give them the impression I am indifferent to their concerns. They don't understand it's because I choose not to.

There are too many things I ought to care about. If I spend my mind on everything people believe "I should care about", then I would get nowhere. I decided a while ago I only have the time and mind to care about things which dearly matter to me.
It's like learning, I can't expect to learn everything out there. I can only choose a specific subject to be great at.


桃 said...

Are you familiar with existentialism,the works of Sartre,Camus?The Plague?Hell is other people? If we live our lives just because of the completely free and autonomous decisions that we make, this creates nothing that is common with others. If we adopt something that comes from someone else, which could give us a common basis to make a connection with them, this is inauthentic. though we don't need to care about onflict between existence and essence, The existentialism could help you to keep the faith and ignore the lure or noise from outside, keep inspiring you to try.Oh, you could've been the one.

桃 said...

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