Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Some cool online material to share:

Sport shoes artwork ~ ~ check out the Air Max 97 in the 'latest section', thats my favourite.

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ~ ~ A story by a french writer that explores the purpose of our life, how our society affects it and other symbolic stuff about how we appreciate what we take for granted.

Web traffic Stats ~ ~ A cool and original methodology to indicate web traffic. I can really appreciate this IT geek culture originating from the valley.

Except for my two day excursion to Macau with my Dad, I've been busy with parties over the past week in Shanghai.....karaoke, clubbing, bar hopping and all of that sort. Mostly because the summer has begun here, the school year at Fudan is over and either friends are arriving back home in Asia (visiting or residing in Shanghai) or they are leaving back to their homes abroad.

THE DETROIT PISTONS rocked the Lakers to perfection. This is basketball. Team work, defense, and stepping it up. Although I am not a Pistons fan, I can respect their game and a championship to them. Go home LA, your time is officially over.
Its going to be nice to see Kobe and Shaq start all over again elsewhere. I don't doubt they will play any worse elsewhere. And to the rest of the Lakers? They might as well just sit around and rot.

Euro Cup 2004. I've been fortunate to stick around late enough into the morning to watch the games. The two comeback matches Czech Republic 3 - 2 Holland and France 2 - 1 England were classics.

~~~ Interpol - Obstacle 1 ~~~

I'm in a state of peaceful confusion. As confused as I am about my life and career at this point of my life, I am getting a good dose of time to analytically sort out and tackle my issues. Maybe in the end, I'll still be doing exactly what I would have chose to do half a year ago, but at least I'd know what i'm getting myself into now. I won't start asking the same questions I am doing now 5-10 years into my career.

I think I have explored and lived Shanghai long enough to know what its all about now. Whether I want to stick around is a completely different story. Maybe in 10 or so years.


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