Sunday, September 28, 2003

I'm a workaholic. I don't think I can deny that fact. I'm a bitch, and I will probably sell my soul to the next big corporation I work for. I say this because I've once sold it to nmh and jhu. Its a given that the next appropriate thing to do will be to sell my life to another organization. Great.

Job searching is a waste of time. If I can make millions of profits for a company, they really should be searching for me. Why the hell do I want to look for them, get paid the normal company wages, sell my soul, and help them increase profits? Thats wrong. If only they were smart enough...they should employ spy human resources acting as students at universities. This would then allow them to be able to find out truly who has the abilities. HAha.....ok, i'm just annoyed with job searching.....

I have a CIS paper due next week, and its not being completed.
Hell to school work. A college degree is a piece of paper that only proves that you got a good education. Our educational system is messed up. Pretty much most people in this world did not study what they are doing in their careers right now. What that means is that, a college degree is now equivalent to a highschool degree back in the day. In highschool, we take on all subjects, as if we didn't know what we wanted to do yet. Yeah, and like we know when we're in college? I was talking to my dad earlier this week, and he stressed the importance of going to graduate school for something...for anything. What the hell?! I mean, I'm not disagreeing with him with the fact that I need a more professional degree...but wasn't the whole point of going to graduate school for professionalism?....our society is now also soon converting a graduate school degree into a form of generic education. At this rate, will a PHd be required as a form of good education in 200 years from now?

~~~ the Strokes - Someday ~~~

I love sleep...Those slices of death. How I loathe them. I sleep an average of 10 hours a night. I'm not quite sure if thats a good thing, but I wake up every morning with pain at the back of my head. Somehow, somewhere its starting to make me think that its not a good sign. Probably too much stress...haha.


Sunday, September 21, 2003

~~~ Ataris - San Dimas Highschool Football Rules (Acoustic/Not) ~~~

Saturday, September 20, 2003

~~~ Deltron 3030 - Mastermind ~~~
~~~ Shade Sheist - Money Owners feat. Timbaland ~~~
~~~ Dishwalla ~~~ Get their album. May very well be my favourite band.

Isabella came and left. It seriously put a twist to the week. To start off, it closed down the school on thursday and microfab lab and no CIS this week....definitely cool......however, it also took away my slippers on my balcony be exact....i think it took away 3 pairs of slippers away from my balcony........argh..

I've been incredibly lazy these dayz. School work has been the last thing on my mind. I just don't want to study anymore. I'm passed those days. I just want to enjoy my life. I just want to have a good time like I did freshman year. I'm not bothered to care about my classes. I think I'm ready for a job.

On a good note, I got a new guitar amp last weekend. So so so so awesome. Its my new toy! I got a Marshall MG15DFX for $80!!!! Hehe, I sound so much more professional now. Damn, I never realized a good amp will make you want to play/practice that much more. I got the reverb, flanger, delay and chorus effects too!!

Things are weird. If only I could live with my friends. If only the people around me understand where I'm coming from. I rarely see any understanding in college, and it really drives me insane. I don't think I can take the fact that some people live in different worlds. I honestly believe that no matter our backgrounds, we shall all live with more or less the same values.

I think I need to be in the city. When it comes down to it, I'm still a city person. I was born in one, grew up in one, and shall die in one. I need interaction. I need people. I need confusion. I need entertainment. I'm dying here in Baltimore with a need of observation of others.

Without soul,

Friday, September 12, 2003

My courses for my last semester:

Microfabrication lab - We get to dress up like astronauts (gear to cover up our whole body... including feet and hair)...and we hide in a yellowy lit lab for hours so that we all come out at the end of the day color blind. Oh, and what is this course about again?

Computer Integrated Surgery - Dude, just pray that I pass this damn course. Oh, and don't ask me what I learned there.

Complex Analysis - We analyze imaginary numbers (we seriously do), and we come up with methods to do more calculations. My conclusion is that everything I learned was imaginary.

Financial Accounting - Let me introduce my best class of the semester. Financial Accounting!!!....^^; If that is the best class, G'luck Airik.

Anywayz, class aside, whats up everybody? How is everybody doing these days? Eventhough I got a crap load of work to do, I'm definitely kicking it. Making the most out of my time here. Shit man, its last semester, my last chance to do anything I dreamed of doing while I'm in college. Its time for me to sleep less, and make my time here more action packed. Whether working, learning, chilling, bballin, whateva....just end it on a good note.

So, what am I waiting for? Peace.


~~~ Coldplay - Shiver (acoustic) ~~~

Sunday, September 07, 2003

*phew* back.

~~~ Switchfoot - Meant to live ~~~

Presently enjoying some honey dew melon wrapped with prosciutto ham. Hmm. I love this stuff. Its like the perfect fruit and meat combination. Just perfect.

Alrite, so my GRE's didn't go as well as they ought. Life goes on? Yes and no. Yes in the way that theres no point regretting or feeling blue about it. No in the way that its a sign to tell me I should put more effort into it. Yep, time to put my game face on...plough through whateva needs to be done.
Argh, anyhow, I'll have to retake the test and go through that stupid computer testing again. Shit, nothing ever comes easy does it?

Aint bothered all of a sudden. so peace.


Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I think the GRE's are creeping into me. Maybe the truth is that I won't be able to take sub-par scores. Or maybe i will when I get them....its this time in between before you get the scores that makes you want to puke..... =X

Its gonna be a very different last semester at Hopkins for me. I know its gonna be different. Something tells me that it'll be nothing that I've ever thought of (well...maybe I've dreamt of it before...I've always had this idea that you live the future in your dreams...thats why shit is F'ed up and doesn't make sense).....but yeah, back to the point....things are gonna be different in a weird erratic way....

I want to be a musician. I want to be a producer. I want to be an artist like Pharrell. I don't really idolize him or want to be him, but I think I could also lead a life like his. He's smart. Although my life is in many ways set to be the business boy, the man with the suit and tie all day, I dream to be in the music industry. I know its all about drive, and doing whateva it takes to meet your goals. Hell I got all that shit.

I think I'm such a selfish person. Seriously, I'm all about myself. In many ways, I'm such a loser like that. I'm all about striving to make myself a better person...well, others around me too (but most of them don't see why they should)....I feel like I have such a big ego I should start hating myself. Wuhahha, I wanna take over the world or something....okok..maybe not take over the world......but I'm all about me, me, me, me, me and me....

I think i'm both an idealist and realist. Its weird.


Monday, September 01, 2003

Lotsa New Music for the Soul:

~~~ Bone Thugs N Harmony - Lets Change the World ~~~
~~~ N.E.R.D - Baby Doll ~~~
~~~ Acoustic Alchemy - Playing for time ~~~
~~~ Electric Six - Gay Bar ~~~
~~~ Rage Against the Machine - Know Your Enemy ~~~
~~~ Hot Hot Heat - Bandages ~~~
~~~ Maniac Street Preachers - If you tolerate this...~~~
~~~ Black Eye Peas feat. Justin Timberlake - Where is the Love ~~~

So I'm back at school. Feels like i've been away for at least half a year or something. I've sort of built this love hate relationship towards this place. Having to come back here after the summer triggers so many memories and thoughts......All those times I were cracked out on campus in the morning to hand in homework......ploughing through h/w that seemed impossible......All those rooms and buildings I took exams in.....studying, studying and studying at the library.......seriously, I've done all sorts of things around this campus........all those things since freshman year......since Bradford.....since my apartment...since I got my ride........Damn. I'm a senior now.

GRE's on Wed. Haha, Nice! Considering the fact that I haven't really been studying for it, hopefully it'll go well. Just not in the mood these days to deal with shit like that. I want to sit back and kick it.

I want what I can never give myself. Its sad, but I want time. I want freedom. I want to spend abundant amounts of time doing what I want to do. Haha, I guess I'm just throwing up over my future right now. I don't want to deal with shit at the end of this year.

Study time.