Sunday, April 24, 2005


In attempt to prepare myself for another full day of work, I had chocolate chocolate-chip pancakes and eggs benedict for breakfast today.

Oh yeah, and also a copy of Mae’s new album “The Everglow”.

Saturday, April 23, 2005


Its absolutely beautiful here in the summer.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

We all start somewhere.

I still clearly remember the days when I was clueless about what music was all about. Not that I can say I know now, but I will say I've come a long way. I still remember 5-6 years ago back at Northfield, I decided to try rap music one day. I sound so chink mentioning it now, but back then, I really had no idea who Eminem was. Hell, I thought he/she/they were called M&M. I had no idea. I felt so exposed when I asked my friends about it, but I did anyways. I figured I was better off finding out then than stick to my little conservative world.

I actually had trouble being able to hear the lyrics at first, but i liked it. It was the style that caught my attention. Rap was something different compared to what I have heard of all my life. And most important of all, I felt there was a need to at least be able to appreciate it even if I didn't like it. Dr. Dre's “Chronic 2001” and Em's first “Slim Shady LP” album popped my cherry.

I believe it's the thought that truly counts. Everybody starts somewhere. Nobody is born in the right place and with all the right things. Something that seems ridiculously conventional may only seem so from ones perspective. We live in a world of diversity; I believe the only way to be “open” is to constantly find, try and learn new things. Maybe I'm blabbering about the obvious again, but I don't see these values being applied around me much.

~~~ Cool Hand Luke - Cinematic ~~~

Happy Birthday YOU! You know who you are!! LoL.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I can hear the leaves talking to me

The summer has already started resurfacing here in Washington. And I'm loving it. During my drive back home from school today, I could already smell the grass in the air. The sun spanking in the middle of the sky, its radiance wrapped across my makes for one of those moments to roll down the windows and crank up the volume of the stereo. Then somebody said hotel california...

My summer will be spent at Surreal Software. It will be a good way to spend the time. I need to get me back onto my feet.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

~~~ DJ Dangermouse (the Beatles & JayZ) - What more can I say ~~~
~~~ Stereophonics - Pick a part thats new ~~~
~~~ Slick Rick - Street Talking feat. Outkast ~~~

~~~ The Zutons - Pressure Point ~~~
~~~ Garbage - I would die for you ~~~
~~~ Bloc Part - Banquet ~~~
~~~ Story of the Year - Anthem of our dying day ~~~
~~~ Pink Floyd - Breathe ~~~

Thursday, April 07, 2005

What I do in my free time.

Instead of studying de Boor's algorithm, B-splines, and that sort...Luke, Mark, and I went frisbee golfing in between classes today. Either because I'm still an amateur frisbee golfer or there were people waiting behind us (or both?), my first drive at hole #1 flew completely away from the pin and landed in a swamp.
At that point of time, the three things that came to my mind (in its respective order) were:
1) #%&##!!@~
2) I'm wearing a nice pair of white Adis.
3) Am I going to have to roll up my jeans and take my shoes and socks off?

It was disgusting. And since we just arrived at the first hole, I had no choice but to complete the rest of the game with bare muddy filthy feet. It was definitely one of those moments when I'd rather be in front of the books. I ended up trodding bare foot through swamps, dirt, mucky mud patches, wet grass, and all that good stuff.
It was still fun altogether. I mean, what else could I be doing on a Wednesday afternoon? Other than the little jagged rock paths and thorn prodding vines, I enjoyed it. I guess I was just glad Mark had bottled water in his trunk when it was all over.

Evidently, the first thing I did when I got home after class today was take a shower. My feet were still mud-stained then, so I rubbed it with soap. I repeatedly rubbed it with soap and water but it still didn't quite do the job. That was until I realized I wasn't using soap. It was shampoo. Haha. The next thing I realize, I've been using shampoo instead of soap for the past couple of months.

This is my life.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Monday, April 04, 2005


Its been three hours since I finished 'God of War'; I am now feeling bored, fidgety and uneasy....why?

I probably sound like I have no life or crazy, but I just spent my entire Sunday (~12 hours) in front of a television and playstation2. I'll assume it would be the latter giving that I also study ~8 hours at a time =P. The point is: I was plugged-in. And if I had to choose again, I would only hope that the experience lasted longer than it did.

'God of War' is one of those titles that proves to the world American developers know how to make a blockbuster console game. I rate it at 9.8 (equivalent to IGN). For those of you who didn't know, it ain't easy for a video game to keep my attention for long. But 'God of War' did it.
The action is new and intense throughout the game. You would never have to complete the same type of puzzle more than once, and it rarely (if ever?) made you do anything tedious or repetitive.
The story is basically a tale of vengeance, set against the backdrop of ancient Greek mythology. The game is bloody, stylish, and has some over-the-top combat. Beating the crap out of the minions and facing the bosses were simply fun as hell.

'God of War' is simply a high-class production in every single facet of its package. From the finely balanced gameplay, to the magnificent presentation, you can't help but be impressed by what this game has to offer. It's simply a marvelously executed experience that's fun from beginning to end, and anyone with a taste for mature content and the action adventure genre would be foolish to pass it up.

Haha. Yeah, the game is rated 'R'. It features sexual situations, bare breasts, and excessive brutality.