Friday, April 28, 2006

So here I am.

The past couple of weeks have been unreal.
I'm now a business owner. The opportunity to make it happen is right in front of me. I'm not exactly nervous or worried though; I'm just eager. It's going to be one hell of an adventure, and I'm going to love every little bit of it. If anything, the most important thing is that the experience will force me to become stronger. Failures and obstacles are expected, lets just hope I learn those lessons.


Stealing a post from Gary's diary...

So a month later, lets recap Budapest:

I have already forgotten most of the sightseeing / working details (it has been a month) and I really dont have ways to make the working / flying part of my trip interesting. there is one little story i would like to share though.

I dont see myself as a long term relationship type of person. Reason? Simply because my interest spans is a lot shorter than that of most other people. Of course there have been girls i really want to be with but they never like me back so I never got to test how long my interest span would last with them. Sometimes, seeing someone i barely know next to me on bed does give that emptiness feeling; but when i think of all the troubles and potential disasters a relationship bring, I still feel that less attachment is better. So how does this link to Budapest?

After work one night, i went drinking with the budapest office people. Apparently, Budapest is the so-called "sex capital" of Eastern Europe, so you see lots of single women waiting for guys to show up. I went up to the bar trying to get some drinks and a single blond came and ask if i want to buy her a drink. Too much makeup, look a little mom-aunt-esque age, not interested. In the meantime, I sighted this very clean looking girl, quite a cute young face and an attractive body, on the other side of the bar. I have never really been rich enough to just buy girls but my testicular fortitude told me to go over and ask "would you mind having a drink with me?" She smiled, "sure"

She could talk, she could drink, she even liked similar music as i do. The conversation jumped from movie stars, my trip, her work, to small kisses. We started to get close physically and the office people just let us be. 2am that night, we went back to the hotel together.

The next 90 minutes is perhaps the most exciting and enjoyable time of my life.

Woke up next morning, she just finished showering. I started thinking how much i should pay her, and the words "so how much should i pay you?" were just about to come out of my lips. Then she came over, kissed me on my cheeks, pulled (equivalent of) $100 US our of her purse and laid it gently next to my bed. My brain froze. I didnt know how to react. The first thought I had was that "i didnt think there are chinese prostitutes working in Hungary"

I laughed.

We didnt leave the hotel room for another 2 hours.
(I think she got her moneys worth)

Heres some listening material off the Hungary Streets
The Streets - When You Wasnt Famous
Frente - Girl
Big Muff - My Funny Valentine
Claude Monet Presents Monica Nogueira - Je Suis Venu Te Dire Que Je M'en Vais
45 Dip - Lizzie's Balloon
Trouble makers - Electrorloge
Gotan Project - EPOCA

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Checked Out

Wrote this at work one day...

Oh my head is in the clouds
I'd like to keep them around
I think I'm done and down
It's my mind thats bane
Pull the muppet, drag it around

Going to keep it here since I'm going to throw the post-it away.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

April 15th 2006

I don't think I've been able to successfully predict the trajectory of my life since I graduated from college...
It seems like I've been going off on a different tangent every half year or so. I'm excited to find out where I'll be in the future. I'm not sure I have many peers that I can reference from. I wonder if it's my head that's bigger than this world or the other way around.

Monday, April 03, 2006

A Track
~~~ Earlimart - Color Bars, Sounds ~~~ Saw them at SF last week.
~~~ Elliott Smith - Independence Day ~~~

B Track
~~~ Bent - Welly Top Mary ~~~
~~~ Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth ~~~