Monday, July 19, 2004

Its Sunday Morning.
Went out to the beach yesterday. Was great. I like the outdoors. Getting together with friends to just do stuff. We drove down to Manhattan Beach for some bodyboarding, beach volleyball, and vodka chucking. I was dead by the time I got home (after a fat-ass Japanese meal).  Passed out nicely on my couch. Hehe.
~~~ Hoobastank - The reason ~~~
Got stuff to do.

Friday, July 16, 2004

I got a QA testing job at Activision.
Yep. Working at the headquarters in Santa Monica, California baby. Not a very well paid job yet....but hey, I'm working on it. For me, I'm just hoping its a baby step like this that will grow huge one day =)
My office will always be known as video game la la land to me. Game posters, arcades, anime, plenty of game consoles hooked up to monitors in every corner or cubicle of the office. Its quite awesome (haha, especially if you are a true gamer), people decorate their desks with so much game junk I am confident to say that they are making themselves at home.
Working in the west coast is laid back. People are more understanding in terms of everybody elses life. There are less formalities and people are more ultra modern. I like it. Productivity does not go down in these environments. Thats what its about. Working hard and living your life.
I'm getting so busy these days its not even funny. I haven't really worked in a long while. Going to work is tiring eventho I am technically in many ways just playing games all day. =P

Friday, July 09, 2004

I think I've finally come to the point where I have met my revelation. I want to be a video game developer. I think its time for me to stop mucking around and focus on this goal. I should start tighten my window of opportunities and stop applying to anything that sounds interesting. I think I have met my new challenge....

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Checking in at Las Vegas...

What an unreal city. Flashy lights, huge hotels/casinos, lots of people, plenty of shows and lots of high rollers. This is surely a city of adult entertainment.
As much as my first day here was all fascination and excitment, I don't like this place. It really gets into you when the hotel-casinos look and feel exactly the same regardless of the time, weather or day here. It feels like a 24-hour cracked-out drug den. It really does. It makes sickens me when I am indoors at these hotels while knowing that the sun is shining bright outside.
I like unreal places. But Las Vegas gives me this feeling of an evil money making presence behind the nice flashy lights. I'm assured that there are probably businessmen greeding over this money made from the casinos. All they want is you to spend more money and gamble. Its all front. Its like the evil jester or clown that is all for show. They offer nice all-you-can-eat buffets and nice big cheap hotel rooms while small little stuff such as internet and drinks are way over-priced. How am I expected to dish out $2.50 for a small bottle of Nestea? Or even worse, $5 per 5 minutes of internet use anywhere down the strip? Its bullshit.


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