Thursday, September 23, 2004

I've probably already mentioned this to everybody I know, but here it goes again; I GOT A NEW GUITAR! Its a black Epiphone Les Paul Custom with gold plating ^^
I absolutely love it. Its my prized possession. I also got a black strap with gold linings of chinese dragons for it. I'm still thinking about what name to give it though. Anybody with ideas should definitely IM me =) Hopefully soon enough I'll be posting some of my recordings onto my blog.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I spent my afternoon at the DMV today:

What time did Erik arrive at the DMV: 2:30pm
What time did Erik leave: 5:00pm
Purpose: Obtain Cali drivers license
Why a Purpose: Maryland license expired
Requirements to accomplish purpose: Pass the California law drivers license written test
Huh?!What test?:36 Multiple Choice questions. 6 or fewer incorrect answers to Pass. 3 Attempts altogether.
Erik: Bring it on!
1st Attempt:26/36. 10 WRONG! FAIL!
Black fat lady at the counter:You didn't study huh?
Erik:Yep *smiling*
Black fat lady hands Erik the Cali Driver license hand book.
Erik walks out of the DMV, flips through the hand book under the sun for 5 minutes, and re-enters the building.
Confident 2nd Attempt:27/36. 9 WRONG! FAIL!
Black fat lady at the counter:You should study! You're not going to pass otherwise.
Erik:DAMN IT! WTF>! Lemme take it again.
Black fat Lady at the counter:I'm telling you son. You're just going to waste your time.
Sketched out last 3rd Attempt:32/36 4 WRONG! BUT PASS!
Erik walks out of the DMV smiling.

An afternoon in Erik's life....taking the written test 3 times at DMV.......

Monday, September 13, 2004

I've been getting into the habit of going to the pool for swims over the week. I can really get used to that...immersing myself under the water. It kills all thoughts and keeps me alive. I guess its a way for me to spend time alone relieving from stress. I love it cause it allows me to feel like I'm living in another world. Its those couple of seconds of void....the feeling of being isolated....just me. It makes me feel like I'm myself.

To my surprise, I still find that my friends read my blog. Haha, I guess it’s something to do when youre bored and online huh? Its seriously time I get some feedback from you guys; I really wonder what impression of me does my diary give. I rarely second think what I type. I just let my thoughts spill. I’m pretty sure my diary reveals a lot about my character. I'm just curious what that is ^^

Chilling by the pool and bloggin....


- Flake by Jack Johnson -

I know she said it's alright
But you can make it up next time
I know she knows it's not right
There ain't no use in lying
Maybe she thinks I know something
Maybe maybe she thinks its fine
Maybe she knows something I don't
I'm so, I'm so tired, I'm so tired of trying

It seems to me that maybe,
It pretty much always means no
So don't tell me you might just let it go
And often times we're lazy
It seems to stand in my way
Cause no one no not no one
Likes to be let down

I know she loves the sunrise
No longer sees it with her sleeping eyes
And I know that when she said she's gonna try
Well it might not work because of other ties and
I know she usually has some other ties
And I wouldn't want to break 'em, nah, I wouldn't want to break 'em
Maybe she'll help me to untie this but
Until then well, I'm gonna have to lie too

The harder that you try baby, the further you'll fall
Even with all the money in the whole wide world
Please please please don't pass me
Please please please don't pass me
Please please please don't pass me by

Everything you know about me now baby you gonna have to change
You gonna have to call it by a brand new name
Please please please don't drag me
Please please please don't drag me
Please please please don't drag me down

Just like a tree down by the water baby I shall not move
Even after all the silly things you do
Please please please don't drag me
Please please please don't drag me
Please please please don't drag me down

Sunday, September 12, 2004

So many little time to blog them...

Going to a NCAA football game later today. USC vs. Colorado State. Definitely going to be a helluva an experience. I can only imagine how its like to go watch the national football champions. Its going to be blazing hot tho (yesh, like everyday in Cali). I don't doubt I'll get an even darker tan at the end of the day...

It just struck me yesterday that i'm a workaholic. Not that I didn't previously know already...but after having seen myself at work over the past couple days just confirmed that its all over my blood. I have this urge to keep myself occupied regardless of where and how I am. I don't think I'll ever understand the needs of a bum. Sometimes I'm so motivated it drives me nuts.

+++ Peggy Hsu - Balloon +++ This is an album to own. Anybody who feels the 'music' would feel this.

The thought of a career in the video game industry is concreting (did I just make up that word? ^^;). In many ways, I can see this is what I want for myself. Not only do I want to prolong my stay in the States (and hopefully in Cali), it would be a job to keep me happy for years to come (since I'll be working my ass regardless). I'm pretty sure corporate America will need personnel like me to work in Asia when the time comes...
I guess I figured if I'm going to return to Asia in the future, I might as well live the coastal life now while I still have a choice. It'll be for a good change in the long run. I like it. Its peaceful, clean and simple. I could really appreciate the lifestyle here.

~~~ India.Arie - Good man ~~~

Time to run.

Friday, September 03, 2004

As much as I am unemployed now (yes..I quit my job at Activision), I'm loving my free time here in LA. Sometimes I don't believe the speed at which I have grown over the past couple years; I seriously think my transition time right now is the best time for me to see who I've become over the years...
My life so far has been perfect. I've been doing exactly what I should be doing all throughout my existence. It's pretty scary to know that chances are that it will stay this way for the rest of my life. It's my destiny. My achievements and personality have already projected my future. I don't think theres anything that can pull me back from here onwards....

So yeah. My concerns are pretty obvious by now. Whether I want to foot into the same puddle is up to me and my lil brain.


Thursday, September 02, 2004

Since my teeth have been aching over the last couple days...I decided to visit the local dentist to check it out this morning. Haha, and the next thing I know, I had two of my teeth pulled out. I guess if they were going to have to be pulled out anywayz, I might as well get it over with.
Like many things in this world, events occur when you least expect them to. However, whether you act on them is another story on its own. I guess some things are just inevitable. Delays are just excuses to confront your fears. You evaluate your risks and make your choice. A decision is only something you do not understand.