Tuesday, December 20, 2005

More Lighting Toys

Those Bastards

This one video game rakes in ~US$75million revenue a month. Talk about being filthy rich.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


I've had a couple of peeps ask me over the past couple weeks whether I own a Xbox 360...
The answer is no. My main reasoning being that I think there are currently zilch good games on it. There's simply no "must buy" title right now. I've gotten the chance to check out most of the 360 titles at work, and my initial impressions are that they're all at most only a x1.5 enhancement (visually) of any of the current generation titles. The current games are all based on the same gameplay genres we've seen for years- same stuff regardless of the console.
In fact, the only game I'd praise would be "Geometry Wars" which is a retro-Xbox live arcade game that could have easily been made for a PS1 or PS2. Last of all, if I did own a 360, I would have probably sold it on ebay for a triple profit.

Sunday, December 04, 2005


I broke my thumb playing basketball again. Sucks. Until this recent injury, I was on a roll; I was balling 2-3 times a week and no scratches at all. I even started wearing a thumb guard to keep me protected. I guess it just didn't stop the inevitable from happening again. I feel cursed. Do I really need to quit basketball for good?

I went to see the Sonics rock Lebron and the Cavaliers this week. Next up later this month will be Yao and T-Mac =]

Every so often, I wish I would be thrown into a scenario such as the one in ABC's TV series 'Lost'. I want to try and live life by the basics; working with what/who-ever is around me to attain a fundamental goal: survive and find home. I think such experience would allow me to find out much more about myself and what really matters to me in life. Although it probably isn’t in my character to do so under such circumstances, I'd want to sit by the beach all day. I'd probably make my own guitar out of scratch during my free time.
I presume another reason for such wish is that I want escape. I want time away from my current surroundings, and I want to remove myself from who I am and what I currently do everyday. It’s like starting a new life. I want to break away from my current responsibilities and worries.
I probably should also be careful what I usually wish for.