Monday, November 27, 2006

Music is Love

Too much hating and not enough sharing lately... here are some singles that I've wanted to recommend for a while:

A Track
~~~ Mates of State - Think Long ~~~
~~~ The Dandy Warhols - We used to be friends ~~~
~~~ John Legend - P.D.A ~~~
~~~ Damien Rice - 9 Crimes ~~~
~~~ Sublime - Wrong way ~~~

B Track
~~~ Homegrown - Surfer Girl ~~~
~~~ Eels - Saturday Morning ~~~

+++ Ben Folds - Supersunnyspeedgraphic, the Lp +++ (album)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Live Beyond

Jon Lau sent me a link to a bunch of podcasts by this Toronto artist of the name Bobby Chiu today. The things he mentioned in them really struck a chord in me and inspired this entry today.

Set goals. This is why companies/mentors always ask you where you want to be or see yourself in X no. of years. I sound crazy, but even I asked every one of my managers from my previous jobs what their goals were. People with no goals have no plans; people with no plans have no direction; and people who have no direction will go nowhere (making more money doesn't mean you're going somewhere). So set those goals and move towards them -even if it means setting goals to further refine your goal (finding out what it is).

Everybody can talk all day. The difference between those who live accomplishing their goals and those who don't is all in the execution. The plan will nearly always be refined throughout time, so just do it. Anything and everything you say until you start executing is just an excuse.

Stick to your plans and don't give up. It's always much easier said than done, but remember this: those who don't give up never fail. Always keep your head up and your priorities straight. Stay consistent with your plans and don't budge.

Idea/Talent vs. Execution/Practice
My take on "the idea" or talent compared to execution/practice is 10/90. I know for a fact that I have absolutely no musical talent. But yet, I've decided to pick up the guitar and play (soon 7 years). I might not be as good as somebody who has played for 7 years as well, but I'm at least as good as a talented 4-5 year guitarist.

Hard work will pay off
The most difficult things I have accomplished thus far in life are probably also those that I learned the most from. Pushing your boundaries will make you broader. Its usually the things that are not in your comfort zone or do not understand that make you stronger. Don't fear anything, if you keep at it, the light at the end of the tunnel will appear, and you will be that much better when its all over.

Love what you do
Infinity amounts of good will come to you if you love what you do. You will learn more, relate better, appear more confident, appear happier, etc... seriously, I kid you not. If you love what you do, work will seem like play. You will feel unconstrained and it'll be like waking up to a tropical island everyday (assuming that's your thing). If you love what you do, your life has already succeeded beyond a good proportion of the people in this world (how sad is that).

Give back
This is one such thing I could do much better in. Know where you came from and what got you where you are. I've done a pretty bad job at giving back to my parents so far, but I will. Even the people who have helped me with my company up to this point (or those who will travel a similar path), I will give back. To be truly successful is to live beyond oneself.


Maybe until I succeed in my dreams of running a very profitable video game company, some people will continue to doubt and question the choices I have made. Maybe its because I'm making video games, or that my company homepage appears very idealistic, some seem to think its all fun and games. My take on it is that I'm at least spending every waking moment of my life on the venture and even if I don't succeed and happen this time around, I can say 1)I tried my hardest, 2)I'm already living my dream, and 3)I'm learning more than I possibly ever can at another job.