Monday, November 15, 2004


I just spent half an hour reading the xanga of an incredible lady who I don't know. It gave me satisification of knowing I am not alone here. She inspired me to stay true to myself as an individual (I feel I have been drifting off recently). And to stick to it because everything will fall into its place in time.
I hope today will be an end to the mess I have created (over the past couple months). As tomorrow I want to continue on the journey I have been traveling on since I matured as a boy. I am not asking for my motivation to come back as it is not currently required, but instead the essence of who I am. It is time to go back to the shop and create character rather than show it. The society really shouldn't be the medium to success rather it should be in ones own desire and actions.
I've always felt different. Its something I need to embrace entirely. It could be an opportunity to climb over the brick walls and lead something of my own. Something I have always dreamed of doing. Seriously, fuck the road to success. Fuck the road to happiness. Nobody has lived my life before. Especially under the circumstances of which I am in. Theres nobody that could see through it to guide me up the stairway. The future is an X-factor, how would it be possible unless you possess god like qualities.

I feel a lot better now. I may not be great writer...but its not what only counts you know??

And back to the xanga of this random lady. I'd love to write her an email to show my admiration for her thoughts and beliefs. Chances are I would most probably seem like a stalker/fag if anything. I wonder.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Its been 5 days of healing and recovery since my lasik surgery....
I want to begin by mentioning that the surgery was not exactly the most exciting thing I have gone through. In fact, it was uncomfortable and extremely stressful on the mind and body. My only calm was knowing it would rid my eye sight problems. I realize its not treatment for everybody. It involves clamping a frame on your eye (to hold it open throughout the surgery), having your cornea cut into a flap, shooting the laser into the eye, and then replacing the cornea back on.
To say the least, if i could choose all over again, I would still choose to have it done.

~~~ Bloodstone - Natural High ~~~ Music to make love to.

Erik. Healing.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Blogging from Vancouver..(yes, I traveled again)...

I'm having my lasik eye surgery done tomorrow. Its finally time to say bye to glasses, "the geeky look", contact lenses, dry eyes, and "one-night contact cases" (bottle caps, cups, dishes, my own eyes, etc...). The recovery period is going to be a pain, but I'm assured it will be well worth it. I can't wait until its all over.
Fun fact for the day: A typical lasik eye surgery only takes 3-4mins.
And also: Lasik was first performed 15 years ago. Its been around for a while, it is no longer *new*.

Mario Tennis for Gamecube (US Version) just came out today. I went to check it out from Future Shop, and have already spent hours of enjoyment from it. It's definitely recommended if you belong to any one of these categories:
1) You are looking for an awesome multiplayer game
2) You can enjoy any of the well polished Nintendo games
3) You like wacky, and you like tennis
4) You like Sega's Virtua Tennis, and looking for something equivalent but different
5) You appreciate games that are easy and fun to pickup, but hard to master


Friday, November 05, 2004

Its been a while...

~~~ Jimmy Eat World - 23, Work, Pain ~~~ I SAW THEIR CONCERT LAST WEEK@!! =)
~~~ Guerilla Black - Hearts of Fire ~~~ i like their flow.
~~~ Beck - Everybodys gotta learn sometime ~~~ From Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
~~~ Coheed in Cambria - A Favor House Atlantic ~~~ Punk is not dead.
~~~ 213 - Mary Jane ~~~ LoL...LBC baby...
~~~ Greenday - Boulevard of Broken Dreams ~~~ Cultured Green Day.
~~~ Nitin Sawhney - Nadia, Sunset ~~~ This is something different.
~~~ Snoop Dogg - Signs ~~~....i'm a freak....
~~~ Eminem - Like Toy Soldiers, Mockingbird ~~~....a music freak....

it was was dirty...but i'm glad its all over...