Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I spent my afternoon at the DMV today:

What time did Erik arrive at the DMV: 2:30pm
What time did Erik leave: 5:00pm
Purpose: Obtain Cali drivers license
Why a Purpose: Maryland license expired
Requirements to accomplish purpose: Pass the California law drivers license written test
Huh?!What test?:36 Multiple Choice questions. 6 or fewer incorrect answers to Pass. 3 Attempts altogether.
Erik: Bring it on!
1st Attempt:26/36. 10 WRONG! FAIL!
Black fat lady at the counter:You didn't study huh?
Erik:Yep *smiling*
Black fat lady hands Erik the Cali Driver license hand book.
Erik walks out of the DMV, flips through the hand book under the sun for 5 minutes, and re-enters the building.
Confident 2nd Attempt:27/36. 9 WRONG! FAIL!
Black fat lady at the counter:You should study! You're not going to pass otherwise.
Erik:DAMN IT! WTF>! Lemme take it again.
Black fat Lady at the counter:I'm telling you son. You're just going to waste your time.
Sketched out last 3rd Attempt:32/36 4 WRONG! BUT PASS!
Erik walks out of the DMV smiling.

An afternoon in Erik's life....taking the written test 3 times at DMV.......

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