Sunday, September 12, 2004

So many little time to blog them...

Going to a NCAA football game later today. USC vs. Colorado State. Definitely going to be a helluva an experience. I can only imagine how its like to go watch the national football champions. Its going to be blazing hot tho (yesh, like everyday in Cali). I don't doubt I'll get an even darker tan at the end of the day...

It just struck me yesterday that i'm a workaholic. Not that I didn't previously know already...but after having seen myself at work over the past couple days just confirmed that its all over my blood. I have this urge to keep myself occupied regardless of where and how I am. I don't think I'll ever understand the needs of a bum. Sometimes I'm so motivated it drives me nuts.

+++ Peggy Hsu - Balloon +++ This is an album to own. Anybody who feels the 'music' would feel this.

The thought of a career in the video game industry is concreting (did I just make up that word? ^^;). In many ways, I can see this is what I want for myself. Not only do I want to prolong my stay in the States (and hopefully in Cali), it would be a job to keep me happy for years to come (since I'll be working my ass regardless). I'm pretty sure corporate America will need personnel like me to work in Asia when the time comes...
I guess I figured if I'm going to return to Asia in the future, I might as well live the coastal life now while I still have a choice. It'll be for a good change in the long run. I like it. Its peaceful, clean and simple. I could really appreciate the lifestyle here.

~~~ India.Arie - Good man ~~~

Time to run.

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