Thursday, April 21, 2005

We all start somewhere.

I still clearly remember the days when I was clueless about what music was all about. Not that I can say I know now, but I will say I've come a long way. I still remember 5-6 years ago back at Northfield, I decided to try rap music one day. I sound so chink mentioning it now, but back then, I really had no idea who Eminem was. Hell, I thought he/she/they were called M&M. I had no idea. I felt so exposed when I asked my friends about it, but I did anyways. I figured I was better off finding out then than stick to my little conservative world.

I actually had trouble being able to hear the lyrics at first, but i liked it. It was the style that caught my attention. Rap was something different compared to what I have heard of all my life. And most important of all, I felt there was a need to at least be able to appreciate it even if I didn't like it. Dr. Dre's “Chronic 2001” and Em's first “Slim Shady LP” album popped my cherry.

I believe it's the thought that truly counts. Everybody starts somewhere. Nobody is born in the right place and with all the right things. Something that seems ridiculously conventional may only seem so from ones perspective. We live in a world of diversity; I believe the only way to be “open” is to constantly find, try and learn new things. Maybe I'm blabbering about the obvious again, but I don't see these values being applied around me much.

~~~ Cool Hand Luke - Cinematic ~~~

Happy Birthday YOU! You know who you are!! LoL.

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