Sunday, September 07, 2003

*phew* back.

~~~ Switchfoot - Meant to live ~~~

Presently enjoying some honey dew melon wrapped with prosciutto ham. Hmm. I love this stuff. Its like the perfect fruit and meat combination. Just perfect.

Alrite, so my GRE's didn't go as well as they ought. Life goes on? Yes and no. Yes in the way that theres no point regretting or feeling blue about it. No in the way that its a sign to tell me I should put more effort into it. Yep, time to put my game face on...plough through whateva needs to be done.
Argh, anyhow, I'll have to retake the test and go through that stupid computer testing again. Shit, nothing ever comes easy does it?

Aint bothered all of a sudden. so peace.


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