Friday, September 12, 2003

My courses for my last semester:

Microfabrication lab - We get to dress up like astronauts (gear to cover up our whole body... including feet and hair)...and we hide in a yellowy lit lab for hours so that we all come out at the end of the day color blind. Oh, and what is this course about again?

Computer Integrated Surgery - Dude, just pray that I pass this damn course. Oh, and don't ask me what I learned there.

Complex Analysis - We analyze imaginary numbers (we seriously do), and we come up with methods to do more calculations. My conclusion is that everything I learned was imaginary.

Financial Accounting - Let me introduce my best class of the semester. Financial Accounting!!!....^^; If that is the best class, G'luck Airik.

Anywayz, class aside, whats up everybody? How is everybody doing these days? Eventhough I got a crap load of work to do, I'm definitely kicking it. Making the most out of my time here. Shit man, its last semester, my last chance to do anything I dreamed of doing while I'm in college. Its time for me to sleep less, and make my time here more action packed. Whether working, learning, chilling, bballin, whateva....just end it on a good note.

So, what am I waiting for? Peace.


~~~ Coldplay - Shiver (acoustic) ~~~

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