Saturday, September 07, 2002

I feel alive. For the first time since i've returned to b'more, i feel alive. I can think clearly, and everything around me makes sense. I am finally enjoying a normal stable life. Nothing is going against me, and i am not craving for anything/anybody that will take me apart. As much as i feel alive right now, i really feel that i'm getting older too. I see all these freshmen hanging around campus, and it makes me feel that my crazy days are over. I'm nearly done with college already, omg. I might be only just half way through college, but in my mind, i'm soon done. My classes don't even rape anymore, that stuff is all schedule is chill...all planned out....and i don't feel the long list of requirements for my degree threatening me anymore.
Its very odd to know that I've never thought as a kid, that i'd someday be sitting here talking about what i am right now. I never dreamed that i'd be sitting high up in this apartment near JH blogging while looking out the balcony. I can relate this to my future...that i have no damn clue what/where i will be 5 years later.

Its Friday nite. Not a reason to party anymore. Rather i'm sitting here alone at pisan's desk blogging. I just came back from bball......its either i'm outta shape, i'm getting older, or i'm finally understanding my body when its more crazy bball workouts i used to have years ago......i'm finally learnin the basics of taking care of your own stupid as it sounds, but i never gave an f about my body much before......but now that i learn of the risks i go through without taking care of it, i'm starting to spend the time to think again about the consquences and what i'm putting myself through...

I'm proposing that 'airik's ramblings' will end soon. yes, i'm sorry guyz. I really hope that i can keep this blogging thing for at least the next two years, but out of no-where i've suddenly come to the idea that its time to stop. Its weird, its had to explain, but its kinda becuz i feel that i've grown up. Its like i've passed this period of time when i've grown to become this much, and now its time to move on. No doubt, i've grown tremendously throughout the year of blogging, i would certainly admit that writing down my ideas and thoughts has helped me significantly. It helps me sum up what i need to realize, what i know, and puts it alltogether into words rather that scattered thoughts in my brain.
The thing is, i feel that its not upto me to decide upon whether i should keep the blogging or not. At this moment i'm doubting i will have much interest in doing so.....hey! who knows??....i might feel that i should do it later in the semester....but yeah, just letting you all know....

Its funny how every once in a while i'm get strange looks from peeps at skool...haha....its obviously the red highlights.......they'd stare at it, and want to comment on it, but nothing comes out of their mouth....hehe....interesting.....but yeah, i like it man..."punky" as i said originally...gonna post a pic of me with my highlights for those that haven't seen me for a bit.....thats if i can get that html shit at blogger to work....

Is my crazy punky taste leaving me??

( sorry can't get to work yet..and not bothered..haha..)

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