Wednesday, November 06, 2002

How is everybody today? =)

Don't get me wrong...i'm not in a good mood today....well, not in a bad one either.....just one of those dayz i suppose......i went to class, ate.....worked.....spent most of the day on campus i believe.....the funny thing is i haven't had a conversation with anybody today....only til now i realize i was on campus doing my own thing all day, didn't interact much with anybody other than nodding my head to say 'hi'..........i think i hate these dayz, they're boring......i spend half the time conversing with myself....and the other half in silence....

I stress agian, if i haven't made my point clear enuff last nite.....I'm goin to make the most out of my time from now til thxngiving.....want to straight things out.....i want to be as complete as i can be.....and i want to be on track with how i want my life to roll out....

I haven't been up here for a i'm gonna give a quick 'Whats inside Erik's mp3 list' over the past week or so:
The Reelists - Freak Mode
Hyde - Shallow Sleep (j-rock)
Jimmy Eat World - the middle (acoustic version)
Walkmen - Wake up
Third Eye Blind - I Want You
Goo goo Dolls - Here is Gone
Garbage - Cherry Lips
The Roots - What they do
Maroon 5 -This Love

Aite, nap time.

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