Thursday, March 17, 2005


Gish isn't your average hero, in fact he's not your average anything...Gish is a ball of tar. Life isn't easy when you're a 12 pound ball of tar...

This is one of those games in which the developers lived with nothing but a vision to complete. Respect. Gish is an indie old school platformer game with some very innovative game design. The heart of the game (or programming) is the character Gish itself. Gish possesses the ability to stick to surfaces, slide in between cracks, and make small jumps. Gish is hard to control, but not impossible. The ball of tar is incredibly well balanced and acrobatic-like leaps can be pulled off. Momentum is key in this game. Although subtle, any true gamer will find this piece of art a pure pleasure to play and master. Just don't come and tell me this game is no good until you reach at least world 4.
I gladly payed $20 for it. If anybody wants the full version of the game, let me know.

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