Monday, September 19, 2005

Lenard and I worked on this set of two towards the end of the summer. The painting with the orange is called X, the painting with the purple is called Y. Together, they are X&Y. They are both 36"x48" each. I don't want to sound artsy and all that; and am not going to talk about the inspiration and story behind them. Batman and I, however, have agreed that it would be interesting if somebody wants to guess what it is about. Add it as a comment if you'd like to do so.


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Anonymous said...

Holy shit, someone stole my private comment space here.
where are my internet police?


PS - I really dont feel like giving out what its about here, giving out such an obvious answer here might hurt those of us who are not so smart.

Anonymous said...

PPS - Can the people who said they liked ur blog explain why they like this blog?

It might help if they could explain why they are linking their sites here as well


Anonymous said...

HEhe, I don't have any idea of what's behind these paintigs (should I use singular?), but definitely they would be perfect to decorate my new apartment's restroom.

Any price?


Nice to find you again in the cyberspace, erik.

ErikC said...

Sorry not for sale. And who are you?

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