Tuesday, October 18, 2005

~~~ Augustana - Stars and Boulevard ~~~
~~~ Weezer - So it ain't so ~~~

+++ Plump Djs - Saturday Night Lotion +++
+++ Soulwax - Much Against Everyone's Advice +++
+++ Music for Robots Vol.1 +++

Recently caught up with Robot Chicken.


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Anonymous said...

what in the blue hell does AOL licensing PlogPulse and Pajama media has got to do with this post?

Dude erik u need to start makng it comment Blogger only and ignore Anon comments

I'll get an account just to post comments here


Anonymous said...

Dont feel like doing a short blog on my xanga and I think more people read yours for music anyway so here are the Bonus Tracks

=== Oasis - The importance of being idle ====
=== Nakashima Mika - Glamorous Sky ===
=== Bloc Party - The Pioneers ===
=== Patrice - Soul Storm ===


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