Thursday, February 02, 2006

That cloud game

I'm really feeling this cloud game - a 2006 IGF Student showcase winner by a bunch of USC students. The concept is simple but pure awesome; fly around and herd clouds while you listen to a soothing soundtrack. It's relaxing and meditative.

# noob, newb - may imply either one of the following:

* Simply a short form for "newbie", a person who is new to the game or unskilled in play. Antonym: pro, godlike
* Sometimes used to address a player who doesn't listen to advice, strive to improve, or are rude to other players.
* Insulting another player by comparing him to someone who has just started playing.

- Wikipedia

I spent CNY in Vancouver. Lots of good food, family, and snowboarding. Ahhh. Vancouver.

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