Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Entrepreneur's Hardship


I'd be joking if I told you money didn't matter. The truth is that there will always be only a limited number of people around you who see the bigger picture. I sometimes wonder if it's because it takes a crazy person to see the light at the far end of the tunnel or if it's because many people are simply just not bright enough.


Oh, how I love uncertainty. It makes my toes feel funny before I go to bed every night. Starting a company is like being lost in the Amazon. You can only make the best out of your current surroundings; you don't know what to expect next and you don't know who's coming with you. Everyday is an adventure, jackpot could be tomorrow.


Roleplay at it's best. Who can do what and how well. Who will step up and who will bring the team down irresponsibily. The truth is that people aren't as modular as they might seem (depends on the business). The people (the team) makes the company. One lagging peer is a hole in the balloon.


Anonymous said...

Random Comments:
"I'd be joking if I told you money didn't matter. "
- and the joke wouldnt be funny

"Starting a company is like being lost in the Amazon..." only if you dont know wtf you are doing

"The people (the team) makes the company."
No shit sherlock

...waste my time, 12:03 AM



Anonymous said...

why so harsh. is he not entitled to his own experience?