Monday, October 30, 2006

Oct 30th 2006

Lately, I've been trying to learn to play Jack Johnson's 'Better Together' on the guitar. I'm going through the acoustic guitar phase again. I think its because my friend Ryan had to move back to LA. He used to on the drums while I'm on the electric, and it was great even if it was just us two jamming.
Last week, I purchased an acoustic on Ebay. A big baby Taylor. I'm very very much looking forward to it. It's about time I put aside that super high action K-Garage acoustic my brother bought when he first began to play.

What is this world coming to when people camp out at stores to pre-order a product? Yesterday, I arrived at ToysRUs at 2am to attempt to line up for a ps3 and wii. First of all, that entrance to the store looked like a camp site. Secondly, I was told I had to be 10 hours earlier than I was to get a hold of a ps3.

Some people might think I just sound ridiculous, but I am normally at guilt of not making every second of my life. I'm not a very good procrastinator. And don't know how to lay on my back and do nothing for hours on end. I suppose a trait as such is normally what people strive for, but if you live it day in day out, life can feel murderous.

I haven't yet asked my parents about it, but they once mentioned that starting my own business would be a great experience to see what types of people are out there. Cause I'm definitely getting a good dose of that.

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