Friday, March 14, 2008

Life Hacking

I just realized I utterly hack my life. no mercy.

The definition of hacking your life is pretty broad, but in my case I force action as a way of sticking to goals. It definitely takes a bit of creativity and discipline, but it works for me. In my opinion, the key to hacking your life requires you to understand thee-self.
Hmmm. I guess it's not easy to convey the concept to those who don't write code and may not understand the true definition of the word 'hacking'. But I suppose a subset of 'life hacking' can also be stated as exploiting ones weaknesses to increase productivity.
An example hack of mine to remember something for the next day is to put an out of place object (like a cup) in front of my bedroom door before I goto bed. The next morning I'll remember that something when I see the cup.

So the above example is a small hack. But imagine many hacks of various size to ones life...

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