Sunday, June 15, 2008

SYNTHETIC TIMES – Media Art China 2008

I visited the National Art Museum of China earlier today to check out 'Synthetic Times', a digital media exhibition.

Being a little bit of an artist and a little bit of a techie, I've always been fascinated with mixtures of these two fields. I think it's because technology always evolves while art takes a big role in making history.
As usual, there were hits and misses throughout the exhibition. The good news is that most of them were fascinating in at least one way or another (otherwise I would be blabbering only about a certain piece).
I was surprised to see a lot of old Chinese people at the exhibition; I wouldn't have any idea what is going through their minds at the time. It must have been quite weird for them; to see computers and electronics put to artistic uses. But then again, maybe they're already used to seeing radical changes given the speed and amount of change that has taken place in China over the last 10-20 years.

You can find out more about the exhibition and the works on display via the link above.

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