Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Am I really in it for the $$$

I've been confronted with an interesting dilemma lately...

Would I work on a project I have the slightest interest in?

I've been put in this situation lately...well, specificly a project related to gays and lesbians. Its not new news I barely have any interest in such topic, but assuming it would be a profitable venture, I'm wondering whether I would still go for it.

I think my answer to such question would reveal a lot about me and where I will be in the future. And honestly, I think the final answer is 'no' at this point. I understand that a business is a business (meaning it doesn't frigging matter if its profitable), but I'm not sure I'm capitalistic beyond my own principles.

I suppose there are many angles to look at a scenario like this. It's a business and it allows me to treat it like one. And the other side of the argument then being, how is my life any better than working the desk job. Life is too short to being doing something you're not interested in.

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Anonymous said...

Erik, I think you are right. I deeply think to drive a venture to success you have to believe in your product/service, you have to be the embassador of their image and their benefits. Because you are serving a particular group of people, you need to put yourself in their shoes and play a role for a while (as long as you are running the project)...and I think you are not able to do it if you feel at every second that you are violating your own principles.
Don t worry, there are plenty others ventures to start around you.