Sunday, September 28, 2008

CS4 Photoshop

In my opinion, the most jaw-dropping new feature of the upcoming Photoshop is the “seam carving” resize tool.

Traditionally, if you want to resize the width of an image, but not the height, you’ve had to accept some distortion as the image was stretched. Last year, however, two researchers came up with a technique known as seam carving, or intelligent resizing.

The opposite works as well. If a region of an image needs editing — say, a tourist standing in your otherwise pristine scene — you can use the Seam Carving tool to remove the tourist and leave the rest of the scene intact. It’s one of the cooler things we’ve seen Adobe add to recent version of Photoshop. Even just using the beta version, we’ve become addicted.

I probably sound like such a Photoshop geek, but this new feature is going to rock the number of techniques available in the Photoshop world. I'm not sure where I would even start... I'll probably just standby and see what the web comes up with first.

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