Friday, October 24, 2008

Back to Mobile

Okay. So I'm looking at mobile apps again...

The mobile landscape has made some significant changes this year. Most notably, the distribution of its applications have moved up the value chain from mobile carriers to the OS developers. Symbian, Apple, and Google are the new kings and they are taking a more or less "open" approach to what is available to the consumers (basically, the users will determine everything forward.)

I seriously think it's going to be the internet all over again. We started off with shareware and then gradually moved towards services (such as free to play) on the internet in the past. I don't think it will be any different this time since Google and Symbian have taken a truly "open" strategy towards their platform. I believe this is why iPhone apps are making a good buck right now (and won't last too long doing so.)

Now the question is, with all these new app developers rushing into these mobile platforms (ala facebook apps last year), what are the smart projects to be working on to take advantage of such situations? I say that because I know one thing NOT TO DO is to follow the crowd and develop just another app as well.


Anonymous said...

NOT TO DO is to follow the crowd and develop just another app as well.
So why not give up following the crowd?

ErikC said...

Only true artists/mavericks don't follow the crowd. I'm not one of them.

Indirectly engaging the crowd keeps your project in touch with the times (especially if you want to someday mass market).

Anonymous said...

haha,erik,belive your judgement.不可妄自菲薄哦!

hkbomber said...

dude you should look into developing some Web 2.0 stuff.

Interactive but open source... thats pretty much the trend since 2005 ish.