Friday, November 28, 2008

Facebook Comeback

Now that developers are sick of Facebook and are buzzing about iPhone apps, I've been looking into developing on the former platform.

The platform for Facebook apps has matured over the past half year or so and I've noticed a few changes during this time. Firstly, the overall profile page impression (or design) has been cleaned up due to better app restrictions and UI changes. But more importantly, psychologically, users have begun to weigh their time as more important compared to the apps (as if they are spam).

I think the need for quality apps on Facebook has arrived. Apps that can provide value to their users (and preferably not easily replicated) should charge for their service/product. I think users will pay for them if the above is true. A few paying customers is better than many users using your product for free.

One great example I've noticed is why the Texas Holde'em Poker app on Facebook is free to play while the iPhone version costs $10. It doesn't make sense to me.

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lol,so nice