Saturday, April 04, 2009

Airik x Stan Smiths

I've had some trouble with this canvas for a while. I bought these Stan Smiths more than a year ago with hopes of trying a new medium.

Sport shoes are constraining, especially classics. I wanted to keep the laces and the front toe white, and I felt like I wasn't left with a lot of room to work with. The original idea was to add metal studs and use gold colored markers, but I changed my mind after it seemed too cliche (hence, neon colors).

I don't think I'm going to wear them. Especially if I don't plan to do another pair.


Anonymous said...

a bit dissapointing when i saw this, since i remember the time you bought those pair a year back. way too simple, kanye-ish but unfinshed, feel like the shoes are screaming for graphic prints for the canvas on the sides and front. since you determine to keep the lace white, that should be the only pure white item in the shoes to pop that idea out for its viewers.


ErikC said...


I don't think illustrations go well on shoes, particularly 'classics'.

Classics are supposed to be simple.