Sunday, September 13, 2009

EA mails journos $200 checks to promote game

What would you do if you found an unsolicited check for $200 in your mail?

That's a question that's been on the mind of a number of video games journalists this week. In the latest phase of what's rapidly becoming one of the most bizarre, imaginative, and downright troublesome marketing campaigns of recent years, publisher EA mailed out ornate -- but very real and negotiable -- checks for $200 to several notable game bloggers.

Ironically, EA may have secured a spot in the Eighth Circle themselves.

Intended to promote upcoming EA title Dante's Inferno, the checks arrived in presentation boxes accompanied by a note reading:

"In Dante's Inferno, Greed is a two-headed beast. Hoarding wealth feeds on beast and squandering it satiates the other. By cashing this check you succumb to avarice by hoarding filthy lucre, but by not cashing it, you waste it, and thereby surrender to prodigality. Make your choice and suffer the consequence for your sin. And scoff not, for consequences are imminent."
- via yahoo

Short EA.

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