Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Haven't written lyrics in a long time

Our world spins on two planes
The kingdom gates open so slightly
Its a smiling state
We believe its going to come around

I waited, I waited, the stars are angles out
The strings come in view
Our clouds weather pastures of gray
Half phases slowly molding memories

So I waited, I waited, its a lover's ride
If I hold you, I will keep you
But maybe we will invert minds
Fate has shown how we are in the dark

I've never felt so at ease
The constellations sync like synths
We've all lived our doldrums
Let your love grow in meadows

Someday we'll see, I know serene
Between shadows I have no worries
It will be the same
Just a thought
We will see
We will see
We will see

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