Saturday, March 06, 2010

Lesson Learned

HBS professor, Clayton Christensen, of the best seller "the innovators dilemma" has been lecturing at Sloan over the past few weeks.

Last night, he imparted with wisdom any of us could learn from. He advised all of us to stick to our beliefs and the promises we make to ourselves. He says discipline is a major factor setting apart those of ultimate success from those who live with emerging difficulties in life.

Its interesting how the most successful people of the world (bill gates, warren buffet, and clayton) hold such strong beliefs over their character and morality. I feel their financial or social success is just a consequence of their principles.

I think Clayton's lesson couldn't be at a better time. I have the tendency to drive myself to the wall when it comes to work. I've decided to mandate a day off each week to non-work related activities on my next startup.

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