Tuesday, April 06, 2010

While its still fresh on my mind iPad Review

The iPad is truly a media consumption device.

It is superb for books, videos, and games. It is only mediocre for email and web browsing. The reason is because it's too difficult to type while holding it up with your hand. In fact, I find the device too heavy to hold up for a period of time altogether (both one hand and two hands).

I've been an Android user for the past year and I think some of the advantages of that operating system have really stuck with me. Hello? Running apps in the background? I can't multitask and do IM on the iPad. No multitasking on a smartphone is fine, but probably not for a tablet.

All the current iPad apps also suck. Though, they will probably improve significantly over the next half year.

All in all, the iPad is not for me. I give it 5.5/10 today, the potential to move up to 8-9/10 in a year or two is very possible.

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