Thursday, October 10, 2002

Definitely more chats for the soul....cheers!!

Ec4K: so wsup
erick: not much yo
erick: just got back from bus law a bit ago
erick: its raining now
Ec4K: is it?
erick: yeah
erick: when me el and joe were coming back i twas
Ec4K: so wat u upto?
erick: not much
erick: just ordered some campusfood
erick: telling cindy about my little mermaid 2 story
erick: haha
erick: im STARVING!
erick: gotta do some intro to alg hw soon too
Ec4K: haha
Ec4K: mermaid?
erick: yeah
erick: like i had a rough frosh year
erick: so my mom sent me a care package with three dvds
erick: two normal ones
erick: and the last one was the little mermaid 2
erick: so i asked my bro about it
erick: and he said that he told her to get me any given sunday
erick: but she said no. i know what erick likes. and he likes little mermaid
erick: so i got it
erick: watched it a couple months later
erick: and i kinda liked it
erick: haha my mom knows me yo
erick: i like disney movies even if they are cheesy
Ec4K: haha
Ec4K: haaha

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