Saturday, October 12, 2002

Its very interesting to see that airik's blog is suddenly amazingly active...

Ec4K: did i tell you?
Sukendar: tell what?
Ec4K: i'm fukin in love with music now
Ec4K: well
Ec4K: if you read my blog
Sukendar: yeah i slept with it
Ec4K: you'll prob figure that out already
Ec4K: hahaha
Ec4K: seriously man
Ec4K: you remember that canto movie?
Ec4K: the weird one
Ec4K: the guy sleeps with the BB gun?
Ec4K: i'd sleep with my guitar
Ec4K: haha
Sukendar: oh nic tse movie?
Ec4K: yeahyeah
Ec4K: that one
Ec4K: the one he's director
Sukendar: dun like that movie
Ec4k: ........
Ec4k: ........
Sukendar: you want indonesian song?
Sukendar: american indonesian song
Ec4K: nah
Ec4k: hahahah
Ec4K: i'm sorry
Sukendar: hahahahahahhaha
Sukendar: i thought you love music
Ec4K: i do
Ec4K: but not bothered
Ec4K: i know you only mean good for me
Ec4K: but its ok
Ec4K: haha
Sukendar: hahaha
Sukendar: fuck you slut
Sukendar: it sounds like thai i know
Ec4K: haha

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