Sunday, February 09, 2003

Ec4K: did you have snow day yesterday?
Ec4K: we had snow day over here
Sukendar: yeah nasty
Ec4K: yep
Ec4K: it was
Sukendar: still eat snow with gatorade?
Ec4K: hahahah
Ec4K: ......
Ec4K: i told you that?
Sukendar: man, you eat that on the way back to crossley from gym
Sukendar: i was like "shit man, we're around nuclear area"
Ec4K: oh shit
Ec4K: haha
Ec4K: its good yo
Ec4k: ging jeng ging jeng ar..
Sukendar: .......
Sukendar: nuclear snow
Ec4K: ......
Ec4K: gum doh duk?

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