Saturday, April 17, 2004

Wanda De Sah & Sergio Mendes - So Nice
Nada Surf - Inside of Love
Rooney - Losing All Control
Something Corporate - Space
the Vines - Ride
Beta Band - Squares
Mae - Embers and Envelopes

Only til now I realize how much of a music promoter I am. I never realized until my friend was stating the obvious. I'm not only a music freak, but I constantly promote it to everybody around me with all my heart. Its like, I want to share this understanding and appreciation for music. I educate others to learn and love it, no strings attached. Damn, how come I never realized.
I think i've talked to everybody I know about music. I swear to god. Every single friend of mine.... I must have at some point spent time talking and recommending music. I've actually made a huge effort doing it too....ranging from burning CD's for other people, recommending music, playing music for Haha, I can't believe how many of my family and friends have been affected due to my appreciation. Especially my close friends and two bros, it would never be justifiable how much I talk about it until you ask one of them about it....I talk about music every day.
I'm a music freak. I even categorize all the types of CDs in my CDS case into 'CD I haven't heard of', 'All-time' favourite, 'Giving it another chance', 'In the mood for it these days' and 'pretty good CD that makes it to the disk case everyonce in a while'.
Thinking back to all those things I have done to promote and appreciate music. I'm shocked. Its a huge part of my life.


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