Monday, April 05, 2004

I'm at X'ian. Its my second day here. Fun? Hell Yea. Haha.

Been noticing all sorts of things over the past two weeks. Mainly the differences between Shanghai, Beijing, and the rest of inland China (haha..its really only X'ian and Yuan an..but whateva..LoL). I must say its quite different though, and I say this ranging from the standard of living to the local culture and attitudes....I don't feel like I should mention specifically how I feel about these cities though, mainly because I guess I don't qualify to evaluate them yet. Especially not with the short period of residency I've only had here in China. Maybe you could ask me personally......but yeah, anywayz, everyday in China has still been a bit of a brain drain for me....I'm still a sponge soaking up everything I see.....

I feel so bad. I really want to blog a lot more often than I do in China. I guess I just have no time, theres always something in the way...something more important or more desirable to do....Hopefully sometime, I'll be able to talk about my experience in more detail...Theres so much to talk about.

Tired as Hell. Went to see the terracotta warriors today.

~~~ Usher - Yeah! ~~~


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