Saturday, March 27, 2004

Haha. Its been a while since I've been back. Let me start off with a variety of music:

~~~ Zion I feat. Grouch - Silly Puddy ~~~
~~~ Elefant - Misfit ~~~
~~~ Duncan Sheik - On a High ~~~
~~~ ????? - ??????????????~~~

Been busy. Edwin was here. Edmund was here. Ronny was here. Seriously been exploring Shanghai quite a bit I must say. I dunt think it would be possible to even describe much of what I have experienced and went through over the past couple weeks....haha, I guess the best way to put it is that theres way too much to talk about and can't be bothered to. LoL.

Although I don't do that many things everyday, I often feel tired. I have a feeling its cuz I mentally work myself out everyday. Probably a combination of worrying, stress and striving to absorb everything my 5 senses allow me to. Even though my bed is stiff and hard, I somehow sleep incredibly well every nite. (Damn my hard bed!!)

I've been culture shocking. Haha. Seriously, every once in while I go through these random culture shock moments. Its like, I'm sick and tired of all this chinese around me. I'm sick of pronouncing chinese words, sick of speaking it and seeing it all over me. I feel like I need a break from it all. Just one day of english..only speaking and reading english. Even my cantonese is starting to turn into mandarin, its insane. Sometimes, I have to cut back on what I say (haha, yesh, we all know I always have a lot to say) cause i just can't figure out how to say it in mandarin. Man, I'm sick of having to translate everything I say in cantonese or english before I say it....

I'm going to Beijing and Xian next week. Gonna be great.

Erik - haha. ended not talking about any of the acutal experiences.

- I mentioned that Chinese music is a long way behind other parts of the world. I think I have to take that back. Maybe I'll talk about it next time -

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